Pipe Lining

We offer a pipe lining service to customers throughout Edinburgh, the Lothians and Fife who may have damaged or defective sections of underground piping that allow solids to catch and block the pipe, or allow water to escape from the pipe and affect ground material

Pipe lining negates the need for an expensive and messy excavation process in order to repair piping, which can be a time-consuming process as well as causing disruption to your site or property.

Our Pipe Lining Service

Identifying the Problem
Using CCTV we will determine what the precise issue is with your piping, for example; a partial collapse, a hole in the piping, or a displaced joint.

Non-Dig Repair
Once we have identified the issue, and providing there is suitable access, we can carry out a non-dig repair of the line using a pipe lining system which installs a smooth sleeve into the line which covers over the defective or damaged piping to allow full-flow to be restored.

pipe lining

Efficient Process
Using this system we can turn an excavation that would normally take a couple of days of digging, pipe-removal and replacement, and reinstatement of ground materials, into a process that can be completed in a matter of hours using the pipe lining system.


Testing & Cleaning
Once the unblocking process is completed we will thoroughly test the system to ensure everything is flowing well as well as taking care of cleaning and disinfecting the affected area.

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