Your Guide to CCTV Drain Surveys

Nobody really wants to talk about drains, they’re functional and they do what they do, and it’s not exactly the most riveting topic of conversation (except for us!). However, there comes a time when talking about them isn’t just necessary, it’s essential.

You may have fond yourself with defective drains, and you don’t really have any idea what the problem is. What has the insurance company said, and what exactly is it they’ve asked you to do?

What’s the problem and how do you deal with it?

So whether you’re a business or a homeowner, at some point or another you will have the unpleasant experience of blocked drains to deal with. This isn’t always as straightforward as it may initially seem, and it is at this point you should get in touch with specialists, such as East of Scotland Drainage Services.

We have many years’ experience in dealing with blocked drains and in that time we’ve seen a variety of different problems that we’ve been able to solve.

What does a CCTV Drain Survey entail?

A lot of blockages will involve manual techniques, however there are occasions when this sort of method isn’t suitable. There may be a blockage that requires further investigation. With a selection of the latest CCTV cameras we can investigate a blockage further down in the drainage system, regardless of the size of the drains. We can take a close-up look at what’s blocking the drain and be better able to identify what it is. We can see whether the drain has completely collapsed or whether there is a major blockage.

See What We Find

It’s usually possible for the footage to be viewed online and in this way, you are able to see exactly what the problem is in detail. By seeing it for yourself, it can help you understanding the problem better.

CCTV Drain Survey - Cost Effective

Although you may be surprised, a CCTV drain survey needn’t be expensive. It could even save you money in the long run. It helps avoid the need for drain replacement or exploratory excavation. By avoiding unnecessary work, your drains will be able to be repaired much easier giving you a cost-effective service.

Specially Trained Technicians

One of our specially trained technicians can give a thorough assessment of the condition of your drain and from there you have a far better idea of what’s going on with your drains! What’s more, there’s no disruption to your property or the environment.

Sophisticated Equipment, Specially Trained Team

What we have here at ES Drainage is the most sophisticated CCTV drain survey equipment matched by highly trained and qualified technicians, so you know you’re in safe hands. You can have your results on a DVD and you’ll get a detailed technical report.

ES Drainage CCTV Drain Survey – Get in Touch

If you have any problems with your drains and you’re not exactly sure of how to deal with it, then do please get in touch.

We can answer all your questions without obligation, and if you do feel you’d like us to call, then we can do that too. Don’t let it become an even worse problem than it already is, get in touch today and let’s get that drain unblocked.