How Do You know if You Have Blocked Drains?

We’re going to be discussing the practical ways you can tell that you have blocked drains. This is probably not something you would normally think about in the course of a busy day, but it pays to be vigilant. If you’re drains are clogged, you’ll need to do something and pretty quickly, before it becomes a major problem.

Try to keep your drains clear

Keeping your drains clear is one way of making sure more serious blockages do not occur. This can be done by brushing and clearing away any debris as you see it in your drains on a weekly or fortnightly basis. We also think that a few warning signs to look out for are also helpful.

Unpleasant Odours

So is your drain giving a nasty smell? This could be the result of trapped food that’s developed a rather nasty form of bacteria, not healthy at all. If this is stuck in the pipes, it’s probably started to break down and decompose, hence the smell. In order to prevent this, you should place all food waste in the recycling bin in future, instead of trying to force it down the kitchen sink.

Loud and Unusual Noises

As well as smells, how about loud noises, are your drains making a sound you can’t quite understand? It’s the sign of a blockage. This is caused by trapped air with bubbles trying to push their way to the surface of the drain, deal with it as soon as possible, or face the consequences.

Slow Water Drainage

Another sign to look out for is the slow trickle of water down the drain from either the kitchen sink, the shower or bath tub. All signs of a blocked drain somewhere down the line. It could down be down to a number of factors, perhaps you’ve been trying to put things down the drains that shouldn’t be there, it could be clogged soap, food, oil or hair.

High Water Levels

Are the water levels higher than usual when you flush the toilet? If your drains are blocked, then the water is going to rise higher than usual, to the point of overflowing and running through the floors and carpets. Address this issue while you still can, don’t leave it till it’s caused irreparable damage to your flooring.


Leaking is the most obvious sign, and this is usually seen from drain covers outside your property. Blocked drains can be investigated with a drain survey, and we carry these out ourselves at East of Scotland Drainage, and we can say from experience that they’re very effective.

East of Scotland Drainage - Experts in Drainage

You may have one or more of the problems we’ve discussed today and if you do, and you can’t seem to resolve it, it’s time to call in the professionals. Our well-trained team of experts here at East of Scotland have all the best equipment to solve even the most stubborn blockages. We can assess, survey, diagnose and solve even the most difficult blockages and our clients know they can always rely on the speed, reliance and reliability of our service. Get in touch with the best people to deal with any drain blockages – East of Scotland Drainage.