Common Causes of Blocked Drains

Whether you’re a business or a homeowner you probably think that blocked drains are something you’d really rather not think about. After all you have better things to do with your time. After all, when are you going to need drainage services?

Probably never.

Well you’d be wrong - leave your drains indefinitely without having them regularly serviced, and it could result in drainage problems. Question is, what are the most common causes of blocked drains, and how can you avoid them?

Today we’re going to discuss the most popular reasons why your drains get blocked and what you can do about it. Whatever you send down the drain, may not go away as you’d expect.

Cooking Fat

Cooking fat is a big no no for your drains. They’ll attach themselves to the side of the pipes as they travel down and over time they’ll start to clog the drains. Eventually, you won’t be able to pass liquid down at all.

To avoid this, try to keep an eye out for what you or anyone else pours down the sink and this should hopefully reduce the chance of blockage.


A build-up of hair is inevitable, even if they is only one of you in the house. There’ll be a gradual build-up, and at first perhaps the drainage will become slower and eventually it’ll stop altogether, and at that point you’ll need to call in the drainage services.

Hair seems so harmless but a build-up can be quite tricky on your drains. To keep this limited to a minor problem, try to keep the plugholes free from hair and always pull any hair away from the plug after hair washing and showering. You can also buy good quality products from hardware stores and supermarkets that will help sort out any blockages, and if that doesn’t do it then you can always get in touch with us here at East Scotland Drainage Services.

Toiletry Products

Anything from toilet paper, which shouldn’t’ be flushed down in excessive amounts, to baby wipes and nappies. Disposable nappies can actually expand to twice their size once they’re full of water and this is bound to completely block your drains. Don’t even try to flush a disposable nappy away.

Foreign Objects

This can be anything from toys, jewellery items flushed down by mistake, soaps, nappies, as we’ve already mentioned, and sanitary items. Sanitary towels can’t be flushed down the toilet, they can get stuck too easily.

Children can sometimes put things down the toilet in the belief that they’ll just flush away, this could be a potential blockage in the making. Try to keep your children away from the toilet unless they are there for obvious reasons and keep an eye out for missing toys!

Sometimes things will go down the toilet and you won’t know about it until there’s blocked drains. Sometimes it’ll take a while for you to notice, a blockage will occur once there’s a build-up of objects. Stay vigilant.


Yes, autumn brings leaves and your outside drains are vulnerable to a build-up of dead leaves. While you’re busy in the garden, keep in mind that your drains are vulnerable too and need the same care and attention that the rest of your garden gets. Tree roots can also cause problems as they’ll be attracted to place where there’s water. Keep in mind that this can cause blocked drains too over time.

Drainage Problems – East Scotland Drainage Services

If you have any further questions, you think your drains may be blocked, but you don’t what’s blocking them, or you have other queries regarding your drains, then get in touch with us here at East Scotland Drainage Services. We’re here to help. If you leave your drains alone, then blocked drains can become a whole different problems. Address problems as you find them and you’ll have good, clean, functional drains.