High Pressure Water Jetting for Drain Cleaning

A blocked drain can be a major inconvenience. At the very least it could make it hard to do things such as flush the toilet or clean dishes, while a worst-case scenario could see a flooded bathroom or kitchen. There are many things you can try yourself to clear a blocked drain, but in the case of tough blockages you will need to talk to a drain cleaning professional.

One of the most effective ways a specialist can unblock pipes and drains is through process called high pressure water jetting. Let’s have a look at what drain jetting is, and why it works.

What is high pressure water jetting?

Everyone knows that water is a very powerful substance. Even tiny drops can erode stone if given enough time. If you put water under very high pressure you can use it to do everything from clear driveways to cutting through stone and metal. You don’t need water to be anywhere near the pressure used in quarries to cut rocks in order to clear drains. All you need is a jet that is powerful enough to blast through blockages and you’ve got yourself an effective solution for drain cleaning.

How does drain jetting work?

Drain jetting uses a powerful pump to force highly pressurised water through a long hose. The hose features a backwards pointing nozzle, so when the water is turned on the force of it leaving the nozzle propels the hose forwards. This means that the hose feeds itself deeper into the drains while at the same time blasting the walls, and any build-ups, with powerful jets of water. The water will spray away any dirt that is lining the pipes, as well as fatty or greasy build-ups, other types of blockage, and even tree roots which may have cracked or damaged the pipework.

What are the benefits of drain jetting?

As well as being highly effective, drain jetting can save you a lot of money. It is less intrusive than other forms of drain maintenance which may involve excavating the affected area of pipework. It also only requires pressurised water, removing the need for strong chemicals which could have adverse effects on the pipework, or end up in an unwanted location further down the line.

Why do I need a professional for drain jetting?

Water at this pressure can be very dangerous. It can do serious harm to your body if you come in contact with the stream. If used incorrectly, the hose could end up flailing and striking you. There is also the chance that dislodged debris from the pipe could be jettisoned from the drain cover or manhole. Our staff are trained and experienced in using high pressure water jetting, so they know how to do so safely.

If you think you need drain jetting get in touch with us today.