Why is Gutter Cleaning Important?

Gutter cleaning is an important part of household maintenance, if you don't keep them clean on a regular basis you're looking at bigger problems in the long-term. We're looking at water logging, and water absorption which can cause damage to the structure of your property. The water that collects around the foundations of your house or commercial property will then seep in and weaken the structure, and this is bad news.

Keep an Eye on Your Gutters

While you're busy with your day to day business, the gutters are probably the last thing on your mind- until something goes wrong. They sit in the background doing whatever it is they do and you don't really have that much of an interest. However you should be interested, because if you don't take proper care of them they can cause you and your home a lot of problems! It's regular constant care and attention that helps avoid serious issues later.

You gutters have an important job, and that is to make sure rainwater comes off your roof and goes down the drain. You can easily imagine what happens when they're ineffective. And it's not just structural damage, it could cause serious health issues too.

Your Gutters Could Be Damaged and/or Blocked

It's always a good idea to call a professional drainage team to carry out gutter cleaning. They will also be able to advise you on how to take care of your gutters throughout the year when they're not around. Things like clearing away debris which can lead to blockages, or repairing the seams of your gutters. Make sure you have a ladder to hand for your drainage experts and they'll also need gloves and a hose, perhaps some wire and garbage bags so they can dispose of the waste.

Blockages, Repair, Gutter Cleaning

If they find a blockage then they'll naturally clear away the debris that caused it. There could also be a blockage in your downpipe, which is a bit more tricky, but what they can do is make a hole to release the blockage. Then the drainage team can use a hose to see if the water is now running freely. They'll then fill in the hole and any cracks there may be in the rest of the piping. If the drainage team have taken away part of the pipe in order to replace it with a new section, you can use this opportunity to clean out the drain and wash away any dirt.

Have Your Gutters Checked Every Year

It's a good idea if you have gutter cleaning carried out on an annual basis, usually before the winter months set in and after the leaves have fallen in autumn. This should give your gutters a fighting chance against the cruel weather of winter and help them to stay free from blockages. It's going to be really hard to repair your gutters once the winter is here, as you or a drainage team will be fighting against poor weather.

You can also install a gutter guard and this will help protect your gutters and from debris from nearby trees. It will help keep larger bits of debris from getting in, although it's still a good idea to clean your gutters every year.

East of Scotland Drainage Services

If you'd like us to inspect your gutters or if you think there's a blockage, contact us and we can come and make an initial assessment and see what needs doing. We can unblock and repair your gutters and then give them a good clean. We have years of experience and all our team members are experienced, qualified and trained to do the job.