Flood Prevention For Drains

Whether you're a business or a domestic user, your drains are important, and you never realise how important until they stop working. We've had torrential rain of late and perhaps because of this, you are now more aware of drains and how they work than you were before.

In this post we're going to be discussing flood prevention from blocked drains. This is important as it's about prevention rather than a cure. You don't want to be in the position of having to repair your drains because of drainage issues, you want to be in the position of being prepared and being able to prevent a disaster.

Flooded blocked drains don't just happen, there are signs that you can look out for such as water draining slowly from the bath, sink or shower, there could be a build up of debris which is preventing a normal flow of water.

Check Your Drains and Try Using a Strainer

Check your drains regularly and you'll be able to see whether there is a danger of blocked drains. You can also try using a simple strainer on the drain holes so nothing will block the drains leading to a blockage somewhere down the line. It's simple yet effective and you can scoop out any larger items that could have gone drown the drain and blocked it.

Clean Your Drains Out Regularly

A regular drain clean is useful too, you can try buying unblock products, and there are some great products out there.

Get Your Blocked Drains Cleaned by a Professional

You could get a professional engineer who offers drainage services. He/she will have all the latest technology at his/her disposal with tools and techniques that will restore your drains to full functionality.

ES Drainage – First Class Service For Blocked Drains

If you need to have your blocked drains cleaned, or you'd like to have them checked out, or repaired even, then get in touch and let's get your drains in full working order. Full functionality is important for your drains as it can lead to a lot of mess and expense if it's allowed to continue.