How to Deal With Blocked Drains

If you're not great with DIY, then you may not be entirely sure how to deal with a blocked drain. We're hoping our post on dealing with blocked drains will give you some clues as to what to do.

There'll be certain clues to look out for when you have a blocked drain, perhaps water isn't draining away properly in either the upstairs or downstairs sinks, or perhaps in the toilet. How can you unblock the offending drain?

Don't Run Water Down the Blocked Drains

The first thing to do is to try not to drain water down the sink. It could make the problem worse than it already is. You need to make sure that if you are going to be dealing with the blockage yourself, that you're wearing goggles, gloves, and perhaps some overalls if you have them handy. You'll also have to wash your clothing after you've finished unblocking your drains.

Drain Rods, Plunger Attachments and Unblocking the Drain

You'll need something that's known as a drain rod which can you easily get from a DIY store, or you can hire them. Once you've got your drain rods and your protective clothing, lift the cover of the drain, it may have a handle, or a string or wire to pull it up. You can then use your rod with a plunger attachment which may take several minutes while you twist and turn it in order to dislodge whatever is blocking your drain. It's a good idea to then flush the drain with water so that any remaining debris is also removed.

Monitor the Condition of Your Drains

It's sensible to monitor your drains on a regular basis in order to prevent any further blockages. Also try to remember what it is your disposing of when you use your sinks, especially in the kitchen. You should also watch out for plants and flowers, and avoid anything leafy near the drains, sometimes leaves and plant matter can find its way down the drain, so keep an eye out for that. A drain guard is one good way of keeping your drain free of plant debris.

Rinse Anything Before it Goes in the Dishwasher

If you have a dishwasher, then its a good idea if you keep an eye on what you put in there before switching it on. Make sure you rinse all plates and all your cutlery before you put them in the dishwasher, because any excess waste could end up blocking your drains.

East of Scotland Drainage Services

If you have blocked drains and you don't feel confident in dealing with them yourself, then get in touch with us here at ES Drainage Services. We deal with all kinds of drainage issues including blockages, small or large.