What is Drain Re-Lining?

What is drain relining and why should you care? Well, everyone who has drains, because they're cost-effective and provide a really great alternative to drain repairs, and at some point, if we have drains, they'll need repairing. If you want to save money, then drain relining is a no-brainer.

If you've suffered with blocked drains in the past, or it's a problem you're currently battling with, then you'll understand how inconvenient this can be for you and your family. Drain relining stops this from happening long-term by helping your drain pipes allow fluids through quicker because of the smooth well fitting resin lining we attach to your drain pipes.

If you like the idea of free flowing drains for the next few years with no problems, then pay close attention, because we're going to be going over the advantages of drain lining with you today.

What's behind the method of drain relining?

A professional drainage service will carry out drain relining. This is a process where a resin flexible liner is pushed through a drain, and an air bag is pushed through to help mould the resin to the drain pipe. The flexible liner is heated, and once it's cooled it will mould to the shape of the pipe. The air bag is removed and the pipe will now have smooth new lining.

What are the benefits of having drain relining?

  • All types of pipe material can be considered for drain relining

  • It can run up to 600 metres of continuous lining

  • It can work successfully with bends and joints

  • Flow rates are increased after being lined

  • It can successfully prevent tree root infestation

  • ES Drainage drain relining is covered by comprehensive guarantees.

Before drain relining starts all of the pipework is washed out with a high pressure water jet to clean out any debris before anything is started. A camera will mark out the location of adjoining pipes to the main after which the correct length is marked out, depending on the pipe. Of course different types of lining can be used which means it's an extremely versatile method.

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