Fixing a Blocked Toilet

 A working toilet is something you don’t think about as it sits there in the background waiting for you to pay it a visit. You probably don’t really give it that much thought. However, once it stops working, you certainly notice its presence.

Having a blocked toilet is a highly unpleasant experience, if you want to avoid embarrassing situations with your toilet not working when you have guests, then it pays to be able fix it yourself, or have the phone number of a reputable drainage expert or plumber to hand.

Keep Tools Handy For Blockages

Keep some tools handy for when the toilet does break down, such as rubber gloves and a plunger. Whatever you do, don’t flush the blocked toilet, you could fill the bowl with water and end up with dirty water and waste on the floor, which could ruin floors and carpets.

Once you’ve put on your glasses and gloves, you can put your hand into toilet and feel around for what may be blocking the toilet. You can gently try and loosen whatever it is that’s there so you can free the blockage yourself.

Use Your Plunger

If you’re going to use the plunger, place it at the bottom of the bowl and move it up and down to loosen the blockage. Once you’ve been successful and dislodged whatever is blocking the toilet, pull it out and place it in your garbage bag and naturally, take it straight out of the house and dispose of it appropriately.

Your Toilet Should Be Back to Normal

It goes without saying that you should test the toilet afterwards to see if it is now working properly. It should be back to normal and you should be able to flush it as before. Although it sounds like a ghastly job, it is quite simple, and once you’ve done it, it’ll be another job you're confident to undertake in the home, like bleeding a radiator.

Qualified and Trained Engineers For a Superior Service

If you have a blockage and it won’t go away, then you may be in need of expert drainage services. One of our engineers can come in and take a look at your blocked toilet and repair it for you. It’s better than leaving it and hoping it’ll rectify itself – it won’t. Most blockages will be easy to deal with by yourself, but there might sometimes be something that needs a professional engineer to look at. If you think you might need our services, just get in touch and one of our expert team will be happy to help you.