5 Tips to Avoid Blockages

1 Pull Hairs Out the Plug Hole Regularly

Always make sure you pull hairs out of the plug hole each time you use the bathroom. You can also use a plugged screen to prevent anything getting caught in the drain. By emptying the plug hole each time you use it, you avoid the eventual drain blockage that occurs when you have a build-up of hair.

2 Things You Should NEVER Flush Down the Toilet

There are certain things you should never flush down a toilet unless you want it to be blocked. Nappies, hand and face wipes, cotton of any kind, and sanitary towels should never be flushed down the toilet. Stick to toilet paper and you won’t be dealing with any blockages in your loo.

3 What are You Pouring Down the Sink?

Don’t pour oil, grease or any large bits of leftover food down the sink drain, this will guarantee a blockage at some point. Throwaway any leftover food into the dedicated recycling bin. Fat can be mixed with hot water and washing up liquid before pouring down the drain, but never neat as it is. Grease and fat can easily block up the drains quickly, it’s one of the biggest culprits, so be aware.

4 Wash Your Toilet and Sink With Hot Water Regularly.

This helps get rid of any potential build ups so your drains are clear. You’ll also find that it’ll help to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. Cleaning drains and plugholes, means you avoid some of the nasty health and safety hazards that could make your family ill.

5 Clean Your Drains Regularly

Clean the drains with natural ingredients such as vinegar and baking soda, before finally washing away with hot water. Leave your bathroom/kitchen plugholes for around 15 minutes before using again.

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