Avoiding Blocked Drains and Other Drainage Problems in Winter

Winter is the time of year when you’re more likely to get blocked drains. This is due mostly to the weather. Naturally, if you haven’t cleaned them out in some time, then that may put even further strain on your gutters and drains. What can you do to avoid blocked drains?

Rather than having a drain that’s full of old debris, and then having new problems brought on by weather, there are a few things you can do to avoid long-term and potentially expensive repairs.

We’ve come up with a 5 that should help you keep on top of things:

1 Blocked Drains With Fat and Oil

There’s one way you can stop this, and that is by pouring any leftover fat and oil into old cartons you no longer use, and then throwing them away. This is far safer than trying to pour it down the sink, this is a danger zone for your drains as the fat will set, increasing the likelihood of you having to call out drain specialists.

2 Insulate Your Pipes and Storage Tanks

The reason is that you’ll keep the heat in and hopefully prevent them from freezing. When pipes freeze it can lead to serious problems which will almost certainly result in a call out. To avoid this just invest in lagging for insulation if you don’t have any, it’ll be a worthwhile investment.

3 Keep Drains Clear All Year Round

They’re more likely to block in the winter months due to twigs and leaves blowing in, so if you’ve also got other debris as well it will quickly lead to a blockage. Always keep your drains clear, and in winter, clear them out as often as you can, preferably when it’s dry. That way, you can keep on top of it and avoid a blockage.

4 Piping Hot Water to Clear and Clean Drains

As an added incentive to keeping those drains clear, why not pour some hot water down the kitchen drain every month as it will help to keep away any build-up of grease.

5 Check Your Shower & Bath Plugholes Regularly

They get blocked with hair and soap on a regular basis and blockages are common. Therefore, a quick clean with some cleaner to help keep water flowing down the drain smoothly will be worth the effort.

East of Scotland Drainage - Expert Drainage Contractors

If you’ve done all you can, and you still have blocked drains, then you’ll need to call in the experts – and that’s us, here at East of Scotland Drainage. We’re here to help you maintain your drains with advice and guidance, and to diagnose and repair, so you’re drains are always in good hands. Get in touch today and we can help diagnose the problem and provide a solution.