Autumn Drainage Tips

How can you take care of your drains effectively during the autumn months? It’s an important consideration, because what you’ll already know is that in the autumn you’re drains are susceptible to autumn leaves and other debris that’s blown into them during these windy, blustery months.

We’re going to be examining the best ways of taking care of your drains, keeping them free of debris, that way you can avoid blockages and call outs from drainage contractors. We’ve come up with 6 tips you can use and we hope you find them useful in keeping your drains clear this autumn.

Lower Temperatures Impact Drainage

Although it’s likely to be cold this autumn and we can expect a temperature drop, it’s unlikely we’ll see freezing weather until after Christmas. However, British weather is notorious for springing surprises, so with that in mind, and it does freeze between now and December, here’s what you shouldn’t do. Yes, the water pipes may freeze, but don’t use naked flames to try and defrost them, you could cause a fire in your home as it’s extremely dangerous, so don’t do it. It’s best to avoid anything like that and wait until they defrost naturally.

Prevent Blocked Drains

Once good way of avoiding blockages is to buy some drain guards. These will help stop debris and leaves from getting stuck in drains and creating layers and layers of soggy mess which will cause a blockage. Keep in mind though that you will have to empty them on a regular basis or they’ll stop being useful.

Are your drains already damaged before autumn even sets in? Then do something about it now before the weather changes. It’s a good idea to contact someone regarding your drains before a small problem becomes an even bigger one. It’ll save you time and money in the long run.

Circulate Air

Yes, a simple little job that won’t cost you anything, but open the doors in your kitchen where there are pipes and get some air circulating in there. If you have rooms with particular damp issues, use a dehumidifier, and open doors and windows while you still can and before the colder temperatures set in.

Heat Your Pipes

Cover your pipes if you can with insulation, and even try using a portable heater, but keep an eye on it so it remains safe. You could also leave your main source of heating on while you’re out so the temperature is constant.

Look After Your Valves

If you have interior shut off valves inside your home connected to outdoor faucets, then close them and drain them before winter. Any water remaining inside them could freeze if you have low temperatures and that’s not good for your drains.

Trusted Drainage Contractors - East of Scotland Drainage

If you have any further questions about what we’ve discussed today then contact us, our drainage contractors are here to help and if your drains need fixing, get it done now before the winter sets in. We can repair your drains in time, take preliminary investigations where necessary, take diagnostic tests and get your drains up and running in no time.