The 5 Drain Busting Benefits of High Pressure Water jetting For Your Drains

Today we’re talking about that all-important job of high pressure water jetting for your sewer lines and drains. Why bother? Well there are significant reasons why it’s a good idea and we’re going to be talking about that today.

Clogged drains are no joke, are they?

If you’ve ever had them then you’ll know what we mean, and they happen to all of us at some point. This can happen when things go down the drain that shouldn’t, either in the kitchen or the bathroom. Not even the hydro jets, sometimes used by plumbers, won’t work if there’s some serious clogging going in the drains, so it’s important to get down and dirty as often as you can with the pressure washing.

Prevention is Better Than Cure

In which case it’s a far better idea to clean your drains using hydro jets rather than using them as a tool to unclog your drains. Hydro-jetting will help give your internal drains a long-term resolution by keeping it clean and clear, thus avoiding clogging of things like soap, fats, grease and detergent, all this builds up overtime, making it almost insurmountable to overcome. Hydro-jet cleaning is brilliant for all the places you’re likely to find a drain where materials pass through it.

Accuracy and Consistency

These are crucial. Make sure you clean your drains regularly using this method. The high-pressure water will go through the sewers spinning water from all sides so the drains are clear, if your pipes are slightly corroded then this is the perfect solution.

High-pressure Water Jetting for powerful remove of residue

Hydro pressure water jetting will do the job thoroughly and you’ll also find that it’s much more efficient than other drain cleaning methods. High pressure water jetting is able to get in deeper so it can flush out rocks, roots and any other obstructions which can clog and get stuck to the pipes.


Yes, if you use high pressure water jetting you’ll get rid of potentially harmful bacteria that over time will settle in the drains and cause problems for you. This will manifest itself in bad smells, and it can be resolved by using the hydro-jet method.

Environmentally-Friendly and It’ll Save You Money

Yes, there’ll be a cost, but by doing it regularly you’ll prevent the likelihood of any need for a call out for drain engineers to come and clear out blockages which have taken root in your drains.

East of Scotland Drainage – Need More Information About High-Pressure Water Jetting?

If you feel you’d like to know more about high-pressure water jetting before committing yourself, why not give us call here at East of Scotland Drainage. We’re here to help and one of our team can talk you through the process. We’ve used high pressure water jetting as part of our service to customers and we find it’s the most effective way of keeping drains clear of debris and as a preventive measure against blockages. Give us a call today and we’ll be happy to help.