Gutter Cleaning Tips

Perhaps you’re doing an external spring clean of your house, and naturally this will include the cleaning of your gutters. It’s an essential task that should be carried out on a regular basis. You may one of those people who only clean their gutters once they recognise a problem. One of these common problems may be flooding of the gutters and an outpouring of water, which is easy to spot.

Gutter problems should only be dealt with once you’ve prepared yourself properly first

If you’ve noticed a problem like this, or you’re aware of something that doesn’t seem right then always stay safe. Before tackling a problem, before investigating it further don’t put your ladder up and climb gaily up to the roof. You need to make sure that the area around you is safe and as secure as possible before starting anything. There are potential hazards you need to be aware of before you climb that ladder.

Your ladder should be reliable and safe to use

In the words of Therese May your ladder needs to be strong and stable. If it’s not strong enough you could have a serious injury from which no gutters will be cleaned for some time. You also need to make sure the ground beneath you is flat, even and firm.

The right clothes

You also need to make sure you’re wearing the appropriate outerwear for the task ahead. You’ll be dealing with all kinds of debris and mulch so it’ll be a filthy job to complete. There may be shards of broken objects and waste, so a pair of strong gloves is a good idea and a pair of overalls. It may be a good idea to consider a pair of goggles or sunglasses just to protect your eyes from flying debris.

The right tools for the job

Having the right tools to hand can make all the difference to getting your gutters repaired correctly the first-time round. You don’t necessarily need complicated tools either. A simple rake can clear leaves away easily as well as other debris you find in your gutter, and any kind of plastic or metal scoop can be used to remove the dirt and debris once you’ve raked it into one place. You can also use a water hose to flush out any remaining dirt and mulch if you have one handy.

How can you avoid this happening again?

In order to prevent a build-up of mulch and debris next time is to use brushes to give your gutter a regular clean, preferably with stainless steel wire bristles. Cleaning products you can get in supermarkets and DIY stores can also be used.

East of Scotland Drainage – for effective gutter cleaning and drain maintenance.

If you don’t feel up to the job of cleaning out your gutters you could ask us to come and do it for you. Here at East of Scotland Drainage we are experts in this line of work. We’re trained and qualified to maintain drains, gutters and pipes, and we’re here to help. If cleaning your gutters is a step to far and you don’t feel confident going up a ladder, then give us a call and we’ll be happy to do it for you giving it a thorough examination of any potential damage and cleaning it out thoroughly.