What should I do if there is a communal drain issue at my property?

If there is a communal drain issue at your home, you can try solving the issues yourself if you feel confident enough to try it. What you need to do first however, is to find out who is responsible for the particular drain issues you’re having problems with. 

Detached homes

If you have a detached home, then you are only responsible for the drains which reach the front garden or drive of your property. It has been this way since 2011 when the law changed. If you are in a semi-detached home, then you are responsible for the part of the drain on your side of the house up until it reaches your neighbours boundary.

Terraced houses

Are you in a terraced house? If you are then you are only responsible for the parts that belong to your property before they connect to the other terraced houses in the row you live in. 

Properties in rural areas

If you live in a rural area, it’s unlikely your home will be connected to a public sewer and you’ll probably have your own arrangements for cesspits and sewers.

2011 Property Factors.

If you do have a problem, and you don’t have this information immediately at your fingertips it can leave you feeling concerned about how you’re going to deal with it. However, you needn’t worry as we are well aware here at East of Scotland Drainage of the property factors since 2011.

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