How to keep your drains clear

Welcome to another E.S. Drainage blog where today we’re discussing how you can keep your drains clear by following just a few simple tips! By following these tips you may be able to prevent stubborn blockages that are hard to clear, eventually leading to a call out from the professionals.

Prevention is better than cure.

It should go without saying that one of the best ways of preventing your drains from becoming clogged is by watching what you pour down it. Anything that has a tendency to cause a blockage, and there’s an ever-growing list, can include such things as coffee grounds, soap and hair to name but a few. By doing all you can not to put them down the sink, you’ll save yourself time in trying to unblock drains later. 

Oil and grease and how to dispose safely.

Oil and grease are two notorious culprits famous for causing blockages, and these can be removed carefully by either reusing them after pouring through a filter, or if it contains fat, such as lard or suet, you can roll into a ball with nuts and put it out for the birds. Some councils actually collect oils and reuse them for fuel, but you’ll need to contact yours to see whether your council does the same. You can use a drain filter to collect soap scum and then you can chuck this in the bin. 

Baking soda - the drain miracle.

Always run hot water down the sink after use and then use some baking soda, it’s a great cleaning agent, so it’ll not only leave your drain pipes squeaky clean, it’ll also absorb any bad smells. 


You can also pour some vinegar, about one cupful, and let it sit there for around half an hour before chasing it down the sink with hot water. Vinegar, like baking soda, is a great cleaning agent and also contains acetic acid. This is great for removing build-up of debris in the pipes. 

Ice cube surprise.

You can also create ice cubes with vinegar in them which can then be laid in the drain to melt. This will keep your drains squeaky clean, although it will smell of vinegar in the kitchen, if you don’t mind that it’s definitely worth it!

East of Scotland Drainage – for blocked drains that won’t shift.

If you need help with unblocking drains and you’ve tried everything then please get in touch and one of our team members will be more than happy to come along and inspect the problem. We can use a variety of different methods to unblock your drains, and depending on how severe the problem is, get your drains unblocked in no time. Then once that’s done, you can start using the preventative measures we’ve mentioned in today’s blogs and avoid your drains becoming blocked again. Give us a call today!