Preventing Pipe Issues this Winter

Today’s post is all about the prevention of pipe issues, a common problem during the winter months when temperatures begin to drop. What can you do to stop your pipes from freezing and causing a blockage? With pipes, small issues can often lead to bigger concerns when left untreated. From what seems to start as a fairly simple problem can develop into something really serious. Something that can call a halt on your water supply and prevent a workable sewage system from operating effectively. 

So, what can you do about it?

If you live in a property of your own or whether you’re a landlord that rents out their own property, you need to . move quickly when resolving issues to do with drains and pipes before these issues worsen. If these issues escalate, not only are they harder to solve, they can also become more expensive. There are a lot of preventative measures you can take though to prevent more serious pipe issues from developing. 

Why do pipes freeze?

Pipes freeze because when something is warm enough it then contracts when it gets cold, but water will disobey this rule completely and continue to expand as the temperature gets lower and lower. Once it’s completely frozen, as in below zero, it will apply pressure on the structure of the pipes themselves.

They can also get blocked with leaves, twigs, frost and snow and other debris that can leave your pipes with little room to let water flow through them. If you don’t unclear blockages pronto it can get to be a bigger problem than it need be. 


  • Always check the pipes on a regular basis, clear anything you find from them

  • Be vigilant and check your pipes to see if they’re frozen, and check to see whether water is flowing through freely. Is the water coming back up instead of going down? That’s a sure sign of trouble

  • Call out some professional drain experts to ascertain what the problem is if you’re at a loss about what to do next, so they can carry out a thorough drain inspection.

You can also insulate your pipes, and this will help to minimise the likelihood of your pipes becoming blocked and then bursting, which really is a disastrous scenario to contemplate. 

Other things you can do too:

  • Inspect your pipes for gaps or cracks (insulation as we’ve discussed will help with this)

  • Keep your home warm in winter and this will help prevent pipes from freezing

  • Open your cupboard doors in the kitchen, this may sound strange, but it will help circulate the heat from the rest of the house into your pipes to help prevent freezing

  • Repair any dripping taps or valves as the water can freeze before it even comes through the tap, so it is therefore important to check your valves and taps regularly and repair any issues you discover so you can prevent this from happening.

East of Scotland Drainage – for blocked drains and drain damage.

We’re always fighting for to clear your drains. So, if you’re having issues with your pipes, or if your preventative measures so far haven’t worked in preventing a blockage you’ve found, then give us a call and we can come around and carry out a tentative investigation before carrying out something more intense. That way we can establish what the problems are and provide a workable, relevant solution. Get in touch today and keep your pipes in tip top condition this winter.