Common Signs Your Gutters Are Blocked

It can only take a few small things to create havoc in your home and one of those is a blocked gutter. When your gutters become blocked they can eventually spill over, this can cause damage to the foundation and structure of your house caused by a combination of mould, mildew and condensation. This, as you can imagine, can be costly to repair.

We’ve Seen It All As Experienced Drainage Specialists

As experienced drainage experts we see these types of problems all the time, and often it’s something that could have been avoided if homeowners had recognised the signs. We’re talk about them here, so you can avoid a disaster of your own.

Always Keep An Eye On Your Gutters and Check Them Regularly

You can avoid disaster if you keep a vigilant eye on your gutters and check them on a regular basis. What kind of things should you be looking out for when it comes to your gutters?

Don’t Let Your Gutters Become a Nice Home For Local Birds and Mice

It’s a sure sign your gutters are clogged when you have mice or rats creating a nest in them! If you have debris that’s become compressed over time, this is going to be a really attractive option for birds or small animals to create a nest. In fact, the concave shape and structure of a gutter is perfect for birds. It’s time to clear your gutters once you see birds or animals popping their heads out of your guttering.

Waterfalls From Your Gutters Is Not Pretty, It’s a Sign There’s Something Wrong

If you can hear trickling water or a roaring and cascading sound, be alarmed, be very alarmed. This isn’t something you can lie back and relax to you, this is a potential problem that needs dealing with before it becomes an emergency. Your gutters are blocked and there’s nowhere for the water to go. The sound of falling water may be very relaxing - when it’s on a meditation app, not coming from your roof. The water is coming off your gutters because it’s spilling over the sides and eventually it could be the cause of damage to the house’s foundation and that will be costly to repair. Eventually your gutters will sag under the debris they’re carrying.

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If you think your gutters are blocked and you think it’s gone too far for you to do anything yourself then get in touch with us here at East of Scotland Drainage serving all of West Lothian. We’re the experts in drainage issues and we can make take a look, make a diagnosis of what we think the problem is, and give you a solution that works. We’re here to take your call so get in touch if you’re experiencing problems.