How to Prevent Drain Corrosion

Today we’re talking about drain corrosion and how to prevent it. Corrosion is bad news as it can weaken the metal in your pipes, stripping important coatings and allowing rust to take hold. It’s caused by galvanized steel and copper piping reacting together where the water is charged, and this strips the galvanized coating. Left too late it takes over and can result in costly replacement.

What Can You Do To Prevent This?

One of the most successful ways of dealing with corrosion is to check your drains thoroughly and regularly. If you have any rust around the plugholes, such as in your bath or sink, this could be a sign of more trouble below. If the iron in your water is exposed to a certain degree of humidity it’ll clog your drains. What you’ll need to do is make sure unclog your drains with a good quality drain cleaner

Chlorine Can Help, But Only Use With Expert Help

One other solution which can be effective is chlorinating the water. Chlorine can help prevent the risk of bacteria developing, however it can also be the cause of corrosion, so it’s better to have this job done by a professional drain specialist, someone who knows what they’re doing.

Routine Checks Help

Prevention is always better than cure, so by carrying out routine checks on a regular basis you can prevent any problems like rust developing. By doing this you’re probably saving yourself a lot of expense in the long-term, even simple things like flushing the drains can help. This is done by filling the sinks and then pulling out the plug, this flushes the drains completely and helps to remove any debris clinging to the sides. You can also use bleach overnight which is also pretty effective.

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