What Does a CCTV Drain Survey Involve?

If you have a blocked drain and you can’t resolve it yourself, then it’s only natural you’re going to need a professional. We’d like to think you’d call us, and if you do we’d be more than happy to help. Whoever you call to resolve your drain issues, the use of a CCTV drain survey may be required. But what exactly does that involve? Stick around and we’ll explain in more detail.

What is a CCTV drain survey?

This type of survey is basically an inspection of your entire drainage system. Using high-tech cameras, we can insert them deep into your drains and see what the problem is. These cameras send us a live-feed that comes directly back to us and the engineer can take a good look at what’s causing the obstruction. Once we’ve identified what it is that’s causing the problems we can do something about it. 

So what kind of drainage issues warrant a CCTV drain survey?

These are useful for a whole range of problems. You can use it as part of an overall inspection of your new property, so you can get everything sorted out before you move in, and that includes an inspection of the drains. Its current condition is important in addressing any problems now before they have an impact on other parts of the property. It also helps you to make a fully informed decision on whether you want to go ahead and make the purchase. 

Sometimes ongoing drainage issues can be a real pain and as we’ve already mentioned can cause problems throughout the property that will have more expensive repercussions later on. These problems could include flooding, damp and mould which can all lead to ill health, and if you have young children, then this is naturally something you’d wish to avoid. 

Regardless of whether you are a tenant or a homeowner, a CCTV survey is of great value, helping to reach the root of the problem and helping you to deal with drainage issues. 

How is a CCTV drain survey carried out?

Well, we use a wide range of equipment and tools which a technician, specially trained, will be able to use to carry out a successful survey. Equipment can range from waterproof cameras, access rods which help to push cameras further into the drains and help them to navigate the depth of the drains, peering below and pushing around corners. Crawlers work on remote operation and provide visuals right into sewers, and can provide mobility within pipes, even when they’re obstructed. Sonar units are great for pipes which they are full of blockage, they provide what’s known as acoustic profiling, allowing the technician to assess the condition of a pipe and what’s stopping it from allowing water through.

East of Scotland Drainage – CCTV Drain Survey Experts

If you’re looking for help with your blocked drains and you’ve tried everything, then get in touch with us here at East of Scotland Drainage. We’re here to help, and we have a team of experts, trained in using CCTV drain surveys and how to use the equipment, so give us a call and we’ll do all we can to help.