Drains - How Do They Work?

Ever wondered how your drains work? You may not think it matters how they work really, as long as they do what they’re supposed to, but you’ll find it’s quite useful to know how they work because when you have problems, by understanding your drains better, you’ll be able to resolve issues and understand them more. 

We all know that drains are an important part of the water system of your home, they prevent blocks and clogging so that the water leaves your system quickly and efficiently. And that’s not all, if your water doesn’t drain away as it should waterborne bacteria can infiltrate your home and cause illness. 

Pressure, Gravity and Wastewater

Drains are not dependent on pressure so they will depend on gravity to help push the wastewater out and through the pipes, so they reach septic tanks swiftly. All drains will comprise of a combination of vents, clean-outs and traps, and all work together to rid your home of its wastewater. 

Air Vents

This works to get rid of the vacuum that’s created within the pipes and can interfere with water flow. Once the vacuum is removed the water flows better and without blockages. 


The trap is usually beneath the toilet and sink and is a U shaped pipe, its job is to stop the flow of air travelling in reverse, this is because sewer gases  not only smell bad but they’re really hazardous to health, and the best air trap will make sure these gases don’t find their way back into your home. Grease traps are usually in the kitchen and help to prevent blockages. You’re probably thinking to yourself, then why do I still get blockages occasionally? The reason for this is that sometimes traps don’t work, and this is due to an air seal not working or missing, it may also develop a leak. Traps, as you can imagine, are important to the working life of a drain as they help prevent gas coming out of it. 

If any of your components don’t work, then your drains will not work as they should

All of these components are important to your drains working properly, and all of them must work in unison so that all of the waste is rid of effectively. If you find that any one of your components are not working as they should then it’s advisable to seek the help and advice of a professional drain specialist. 

East of Scotland Drainage – Drain Maintenance Expertise

Come to us if you find that any of your drain’s components aren’t working very well. We are a team of drain specialists, and we can come to you and make a few observations and give you a diagnosis on what we believe are the solutions. If you like the sound of what we offer, we can help resolve your issues for you without fuss. Why contact us today?