What is Drain Tracing?

We will be welcoming you to the world of drain tracing this week. If you don’t know what it is, then you soon will, and who knows you may even order this as a service from one of us the next time your drains are in trouble. Let’s look at the process so we can get a clearer picture of what it is. 

Drain tracing is also known as sonar drain tracing, and the reason why that word is used is because it uses electrical pulses to discover what’s going on underground using special equipment. The next question is probably what would drain tracing be used for, and what kind of situations would it be required. 

We’ll use other equipment too to find out what’s going on.

It is often used in partnership with CCTV cameras when trying to assess the issues and make a diagnosis. It makes the next part of the job much easier because it gives a clear indication of what the problem is. It helps to make a firm diagnosis of what’s going on in your drains deep below the surface, and what the solution will be, and this saves time and money for both of us. 

What’s going on deep below in your drains?

We can find out. Sonar drain tracing is good because we can find out what’s going on deep below the ground. This is particularly useful if a more delicate method is required rather than something more robust. This is especially important if there is a delicate situation below which could cause further problems if a more active method is used. 

Drain tracing works, and we know because we use it ourselves.

Here at East of Scotland Drainage we find this to be one of the most useful methods for discovering serious issues deep within the drains. We use it for just such reasons, and we find it to be accurate in diagnosing problems in most cases. If you need drainage consultation for your drains, depending on the issues, we may well use sonar drain tracing. 

We’re always ready to invest in our customers.

Although it may cost more than a more straightforward and cheaper method, fi the blockage is a complex one, it’s one of the best methods out there and worth the investment. We invest ourselves in the technology because we think it’s such an accurate and cost-effective way of making a diagnosis. This is why we continue to be a successful drainage consultancy because we don’t spare on the costs if we believe in a new technological method for diagnosing drain issues. 

East of Scotland Drainage – for fast, effective relief from blockages in your drains.

If you think there’s a problem with your drains, why not get in touch, we’d love to help you, and we’re more than happy to come over and make an assessment before carrying out any investigation. We’re a professional, experienced team of drain specialists so why not give us a call today.