Drain Excavation - What is it? (And when is it necessary?) 

Today, we’re looking at drain excavations and should you ever need one yourself for your property, you’ll know what to expect. Excavations are obviously about going in deep when it comes to problems in your drain and removing the actual drainage system. Here at East of Scotland Drainage we are specialists in this type of work, so we can carry out a drain excavation on your property, regardless of whether it’s a residential or commercial property.

Professional Excavations.

We carry out drain excavations services with precision, accuracy and attention to detail. As you can imagine a drain excavation must be carried out perfectly for it to be done correctly, so accuracy and precision are of paramount importance. The whole process also requires CCTV drain inspection, and as you can imagine there’s a large emphasis on health and safety, with regulations that must be adhered to in order to keep everyone safe. 

What exactly does drain excavation entail?

As the word suggests, it will involve digging a trench towards the drainage below so it can be investigated at close quarters. It is often the case that drainage blockages can become so difficult to deal with that they require a deeper more in-depth investigation. 

Older drains may be problematic as they age.

The drain might be quite old and in need of repair due to bad condition that causes all sorts of problems. There may be leaks, it might be extremely damaged and therefore eventually succumb to subsidence, or even flooding. There may be tree roots blocking the drains and they’ll need to be removed. 

We may need to install new pipes or drains.

Once we’ve dug in deep, what we find once we’ve found the blockage and removed it, is that we need to carry out repairs and then even install new pipes and drains, once this is done, everything should be back to normal for you. We work as a team and we come with many years’ experience, we’re always on hand to ask any questions, and we’ll do all we can to keep you informed as we go along.

The Importance of finding the perfect location.

The right location, and precision digging to avoid hitting gas, electricity and water supplies is crucial. To make sure any repairs we do carry out are cost effective, we have to make sure that where we dig is in the right location. Digging in the wrong place, as you can imagine, leaves us time poor and wastes your money. We need excellent pre-excavation diagnosis and a good knowledge of the right location so we can carry out those all so important and efficient repairs where they’re needed. Keep in mind that a lot of drains and pipes are close to gas, electricity and water supplies. 

East of Scotland Drainage – for drain excavation you can trust.

If you have a big problem with your drains and you believe you may have a blockage that won’t go away, then get in touch with us here at East of Scotland Drainage. We are here to help, and we have the expertise and knowledge to do an excellent job of your drains. We can carry out preliminary examination of the area, use CCTV drain footage to ascertain where we need to dig and then carry out any repairs, if required, after we’ve excavated. We’ll leave minimal to no mess on completion, and make sure we explain everything we’re doing every step of the way – it’s how we roll. Call us today!