A Brief Guide to Manhole Surveys

Today, we’re talking manhole surveys providing you with a brief guide, a nosegay shall we say, of what you can expect to happen if you decide to go ahead with one. A manhole survey will consist of some detailed and accurate measurements taken of your sewerage, regardless of whether it’s on private property, public or industrial. 

How many manholes – one or a thousand?

A manhole survey can cover a small area with maybe one or two on one property requiring investigation or it can escalate to many thousands of manholes. We can accurately assess the situation using this method to ascertain what the problem is. Then we’ll create detailed drawings that we can refer to before making a decision about what needs to happen next. 
Here at East of Scotland Drainage we have a fully trained team of drainage engineers. With our fully trained team onsite, we can safely complete any manhole work man hole survey you require. That’s why you should never attempt to do something like this yourself, always allow for a professional team to carry out any inspections of this nature.

Why do we carry out manhole surveys?

We’ll carry a manhole survey out so we can see what needs repairing and/or replacing. Manhole surveys aren’t done in isolation, there’s always a valid reason why one would be carried out. Usually we will carry out an inspection so we can implement the right repair programme. So that might entail placing a manhole lining or carrying out some routine repairs. As we’ve already mentioned all team members are trained to carry out their jobs and are specifically trained in the specialist area of manhole surveys. Things such as lighting, ensuring the area is suitable for a survey and not endangering public safety, and making sure the right signage is being used are all important aspects of the job.

Quality control and the use of sophisticated equipment.

We apply thorough quality control to make sure we meet the measurement requirements and tolerances, and all equipment we use to carry out any manhole surgery is always the latest and most sophisticated on the market. 

Manhole Surveys – always carried out in accordance with the highest standards set.

They are always carried out to the highest standards and will always come with the details required to make a decision about what repairs need carrying out, and also some photographs and maps. Our team will record any particular construction features, pipes both incoming and outgoing, chamber sizes and what we’ll wind up with is a complete and accurate area plan of your drain or drains.

East of Scotland Drainage – for efficient and effective manhole surveys carried out on your property.

Whether you have a domestic property, an industrial concern or a public building, if you think you may be in need a manhole survey or thorough investigation of your drains, get in touch with our team and we’ll be more than happy to talk you through the process. Give us a call, don’t delay.