What is Pipe Lining and why is it necessary?

Pipe lining is like lining a garment, it follows the same kind of method. It’s putting a sleeve lining inside a drain if it doesn’t need excavation work. This is cheaper than replacing the entire drain, and we will use this method if we know it’s viable in terms of saving your drain rather than replacing it completely. 

The no-dig method.

This no dig method is simple enough to carry out and doesn’t mean that adjoining pipework is cut off. This is because a cutter can be used to open up the connections with precision timing. Our technicians here at East of Scotland Drainage are particularly experienced carrying out this type of work. 

Ambient Cured and Heated Cured.

There are two types of lining, ambient cured and heat cured. Ambient cured is used for the partial lining of drains and is more commonly used on small commercial, industrial or domestic properties. Ambient cured linings give seamless repairs and stop any further damage from occurring. 

Ambient and heat cured lining.

For ambient cured linings they can be either dragged in to the drain or inverted, either method used with involve cutting the liner to the right length. The lining will then be either inflated into the drain or dragged.  With the inversion method the lining will be turned inside out and then forced through using pressure from either water or air. Heat cured will be used on longer and larger pipes and can be used for a multitude of different defects. 

Pipe lining where only precision work, training and expertise will do.

Our team carry out Pipe lining services with precision, attention to detail and an expertise that can only be acquired through training and experience gained over several years. We pride ourselves on having a team that can deliver when it comes to drain remedies of this type, and we only use pipe lining when it is suitable to do so.

Patch repair, excavation and drain replacement.

Sometimes other methods will be required, such as patch repair, this is another cost-effective method and will require less work. Sometimes, depending on the nature of the damage it may be the case that a full excavation is required, followed by a complete replacement of the drain. 

East of Scotland Drainage - drain lining, pipe lining from the experts.

Whatever is needed for your drains, we hope you’ll contact us here at East of Scotland Drainage where we can arrange a time that’s convenient and carry out some initial groundwork before a more in-depth investigation. Once we’ve done that our team of experts can decide what the right course of action is before starting work. Don’t let your drains get you down, give us a call today and let’s sort it out together.