How to tell when your drains are blocked

These days you’re so busy getting on with the business of life that your drains are the last thing on your mind. However, it’s really important to make sure you keep an eye on them, because if you don’t it will invariably lead to a blockage which will require a drain unblocking service or something even more serious.

This week we’re looking at how to tell when your drains are blocked.

If you notice the early signs you can do something about it sooner preventing lasting damage to your drains and pipes. If you ignore it then it could cost you much more in your wallet too, and damaged drains and pipes can’t be left unattended or left to cowboys. You’ll need to call in the professionals now before it gets really bad or do something yourself before it becomes too complex for an untrained person.

Bad smells coming from the drains or plugs.

Some of the thing you should look out for are unpleasant smells, this could be due to blocked food and naturally as it decomposes it’s going to smell so the sooner you it the better. Slow drainage is another, with water taking ages to drain away, this is especially problematic in the shower or bath where we wash our hair and the strands go down the drain. The flow of water will start becoming sluggish and eventually it won’t drain at all, and you’ll be knee deep in water as you shower.

Rising water levels.

Another problem to look out for is increased water levels. As you try to flush the toilet the level of water rises much higher than it would normally. If it reaches the point where it overflows you could have a serious problem with your drains.

Gurgling sounds from drains and pipes.

It’s not just smells you need to look out for, try listening out for gurgling sounds from the plugs or drains as this could be signs of an imminent blockage. This noise is due to trapped air in the drain as you run water.

East of Scotland Drainage for blocked and clogged drains.

If you feel you’d rather not tackle any of these issues if you notice them, then you can always give us a call here at East of Scotland Drainage and one of our dedicated team will talk to you and pay you a visit. You can also get in touch with us via our contact page and someone will give you a call back. We have an expert team capable of unblocking and clearing drains.