Why Should You Use a CCTV Drain Survey

If you’re struggling with your drains and suspect you have a blockage then a CCTV drain survey could be the answer. We carry these out for our customers where needed, and they’re certainly the most effective way of seeing exactly what the problem is. By using CCTV, we get to see the condition of your drains in detail, and get to the core of the problem, seeing what it is and how severe it is. 

CCTV Drain/Drainage Survey – helps solve more complex issues.

Drainage issues can often be complex, and it’s not always a simple case of diagnosing the problem or finding a way of fixing it using traditional methods. With CCTV you can diagnose more serious issues, some of these might be collapsed pipes perhaps or root ingresses. By using CCTV, we can identify the problem, how it’s presented and then come up with workable solutions that will solve the problem. It also helps homeowners to make educated decisions on how they wish to proceed. 

CCTV Drain Survey - extensive and successful diagnosis.

A CCTV Drainage check is created to specifically provide an extensive look at your drainage system. It can send a live video back to our engineers so we can clearly see the state of your drains. Once we know what’s going on, we can offer solutions and start work right away, the longer you leave it, the worse it can get. 

Drainage Video Survey – providing visual evidence of what’s causing the problem.

By using the latest drain technology, we can examine all sorts of difficult access issues. We can then provide an in-depth report with photos showing the damage and a layout of your drain’s structure. If you have visual evidence in front of you, it can help you decide on what you’re going to do next. 

You can have us repair it, or you can provide a report to your buyers if you’re selling your home. This is a great idea, as you can then include this in your house price. If you’re staying, then we’ll advise on the next step. We’ll be able to put together a comprehensive plan of how to repair your drains that’s cost effective and will provide the best solution. 

East of Scotland Drainage – fast, effective and reliable solutions for blocked drains.

Here at East of Scotland Drainage we use the very best technology using the latest techniques to solve all your drainage issues. We offer cost effective solutions and always strive for customers satisfaction. Don’t leave drainage issues to resolve themselves, they can go on to become insurmountable, with long-standing issues that could not only be expensive to resolve but cause a potential health hazard to your entire family. Get in touch today and we can come and take a look, we’re friendly and approachable and we’re all trained and qualified drain specialists.