Gutter Cleaning – Why is it Important?

Here at East of Scotland Drainage Services we pride ourselves on the comprehensive range of service we offer our customers. Gutter Cleaning is a regular service we’re asked about and we feel it’s an important part of helping to maintain any industrial or commercial building.

Comprehensive Gutter Cleaning Service

We can be called in to carry out a gutter repair as part of a regular annual cleaning service, or as an emergency repair when the system isn’t working, we have a professional team who are all trained to carry this out.

We have technology which is state-of-the-art, so our gutter cleaning is always completely thorough, and it comes with surveying and flood testing. But the question is, why should you consider gutter cleaning as part of your external building care?

Blocked Gutters Can Cause Leakages That Lead to Other Problems

If you have a blocked and damaged gutter and you do nothing about it, then you will find that potentially there’s going to be worse problems to deal with later. There could be major issues caused by cracks and/or leaks where the water is diverted. When this happens, your premises can become water logged and water absorption can damage the structure. Accumulation of excess water is a sure sign of trouble leading to other issues which could cost a fortune to repair.


Another issue caused by water accumulation because of blocked gutters are pests such as rats, mice and insects. This is because the damp caused by excess water rots wood as well as affecting the brickwork, and this provides a perfect breeding ground for pests.

Saving Money

In the long term, you’ll save money by having a regular gutter cleaning service, we usually recommend you have it done bi-annually or annually. By doing this as a preventative method, you’ll save yourself money and the hassle of having to have different parts of your building repaired.

East of Scotland Drainage Services – For Well-Maintained Gutters

Don’t get caught out, don’t leave yourself with damaged, poorly maintained gutters which could go on to cause you even worse problems that would require expensive remedial work. Get in touch today, give us a call or drop us an email.